The streets of Oshkosh were first paved in something better than gold; they were paved in wood. Timber brought a boom to this river town that rivaled any gold rush. Lumber barons turned massive rafts of northwoods timber into planks that helped build a nation. Entrepreneurs and merchants erected buildings and opened shops. Doctors and artists, lawyers and laborers also came to this special city that smelled of fresh sawdust. Sawmills roared, the city flourished and everyone walked streets paved with inch-thick pine.

The legacy of these early residents lives on. Discover that legacy today in Historic Oshkosh. View stately homes and iconic downtown businesses. Experience museums, galleries and public buildings. Explore the Historic Oshkosh website, which maps and details significant buildings throughout the city.

The streets of Oshkosh are no longer paved in pine. But you can still follow them to an enduring and golden past.